Common Home Staging Questions

Common Home Staging Questions

Complimentary Home Staging Service – How does it work?

Once we have prepared the listing contract (for sale) and it is signed by the seller the clock begins to get your home ready “for showings”.

As part of my comprehensive marketing plan I offer FREE Home Staging on all of my listings (for sale).  Contact me today and I would be happy to discuss how my staging expertise will make your home stand apart from all the rest!  Your staged home will make the best Maximum First Impression!


Your Staged Home is ready to make the Maximum First Impression!


I am hesitant about Home Staging, will it be comfortable to live with?

Some people are hesitant about Home Staging. They are misinformed that a staged home will be like living in model home and not comfortable.  Please note, that your staged home will be perfectly comfortable for you to live in while it is being marketed.  I can discuss this in more detail – Contact me today.

My home is vacant – does it need home staging?

Your vacant home will not show well in photographs online.  Vacant rooms appear smaller than staged rooms.  For showings, buyers cannot visualize themselves or their furniture in a vacant room.  I have had listings that did not get any showings while vacant, but then once staged the showing appointments came in and they sold quickly.

I have a Vacant Home Staging service that has brought success to many of my past sold listings.  Contact me I will discuss this with you in more detail!